Welcome to Sinaloa Cartel marketplace!

Under the shelter and protection of the Deep Web, our hundreds of Sinaloa Cartel members offer you high-quality drugs, guns, and professional assault services at affordable costs.

We can kill any person you want, as long as is not a president or very important person that is guarded by military.


We can make the murder look accidental, so that Police will not suspect anyone.

We also do kidnappings, beatings, and set fire to properties.

Murder, wet work, assault, arson can be easily provided worldwide by our experienced strongmen via a secure way, while you remain fully anonymous and your order confidential. Thousands of happy customers recommend our products and services such as drugs, guns, assault, arson, and murder.

You can place the order on our marketplace anonymously without providing your name, email, phone number or address. Only description about the job and the mark.

You will need to provide proof you have the funds available, but you pay after the job is completed.

The selected killer doing your job can not scam you because he does not receive payment until the job is done.

You can choose your heavie, goon, enforcer, juce man, leg-breaker, strongman, shylock, repo man, bagman from a large selection of criminals providing services in various countries.

Customers are fully anonymous on our website. We advise our customers to mask their IP addresses when visiting the site. This is done by using the Tor browser or trusted VPN.

Payments are secured as they are made through bitcoins. We do not ask for any advance payments and the customer pays from the personal wallet after the job has been done.

No risky meet-ups are required. You are exposed to the potential of blackmail or arrest if you meet a drug dealer or vendor face to face. On the internet, you are anonymous.

Buy drugs, guns or hire a vendor the safest and easiest way by submitting an order while hiding your IP and personal information. Sinaloa Cartel vendors will provide the goods or services in the most effective and discreet manner.

All services providers on our website have been thoroughly checked before approval and we guarantee that there are no undercover cops or law enforcement agents among them. This is done by asking them to harm specific people that we can check afterward, knowing that cops will never be allowed to harm innocents for the sole purpose of infiltrating our service.

Customers will never provide their real names, addresses, phone numbers or other personally identifiable information, so there is no incentive for anyone to hack our website as there is no information to steal or to share with the police.

Delivery information, messages and mark information for murder jobs are permanently destroyed as soon as the job is done. All communications and temporary information submitted through our website is stored securely and encrypted then destroyed when no longer necessary.

If cops will try to disguise as customers and submit orders asking for drugs or guns, they will receive the items in packages with fake sender information, after submitting bitcoin to the escrow system.

It is very risky for law enforcement agents to place murdering orders on fake marks in order to trap our contract killers because our killers will check the mark and the surroundings for several days without carrying a gun before completing the order. If they will spot anything suspicious, they have the right to abort the order and the customer will get the money back from the escrow system.

Further more, cops that will try to place trapping orders risk having their decoy killed by the assigned contract killer in case their security agents will cover too well and won't be spotted.

Police cannot risk having their decoys killed even if they will catch the killer afterward, this leading to our hitmen to encounter almost no trapping orders during their entire activity.

Hiding your IP with the Tor Browser will keep you safe. Always protect your identity by never giving personal description about yourself .